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Leanne’s executive coaching strategies are firmly grounded in a pragmatic, evidence-based approach. Her goal is to help you be intentional in understanding your professional landscape, identifying the obstacles said environment puts in your way, recognizing the sources of strength you have for overcoming those obstacles, assessing the impact you can and want to make, and finally achieving your ambitions.

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Inspiring keynote programs include:

  • The State of Play for Women Leaders
  • Take Your Leadership to the Next Level: From Worker Bee to Strategic Resource
  • Building Networks of Influence…Without Golf Balls or Cold Calls
  • The Trap of Authentic Leadership: Refining Your Leadership Brand
  • The Art of Asking for It! Negotiation Strategies for Women
  • The Confidence Myth: Imposter Syndrome and Your Inner Critic
  • Unconscious Bias: Sponsoring Gender Diversity in your Business
  • What it means to be an Inclusive Leader and Active Ally
  • Conflict is Inevitable: Here’s How to Respond
  • Success is Not a Solo Sport: How Dual Career Couples Make it Work