Leadership Topics that Impact Us All

Complimentary Templates to Boost Your Performance and Career

I’m often asked: “what is a leadership quality that you see in the highest performing leaders”?

The answer spans experience levels, industries, and company size.

The answer is: continuous improvement. 

The best leaders are hungry for more information, and that’s why I’ve created several complimentary assets, templates and scripts that are ready-to-use for any experience level.

Complimentary Leadership Training Materials

Unlock the gift of feedback with my free template you can use with colleagues and stakeholders to understand your leadership brand’s current state.

The Network Audit Guide


I simplified a proven approach to nurturing and growing your network and packaged it in a 4-page template for you. Download the guide to get started strengthening your network connections.

Snag a sample of my Amazon #1 best-selling book, Climbing the Spiral Staircase. The free chapter centers on overcoming challenging professional environments.

Being seen as strategic is a competitive advantage for your career. Use this assessment to focus your professional development. Put yourself in your boss’s shoes and rate yourself as you think your boss (or your boss’s boss) would rate you on categories from business knowledge to strategic planning and leadership with purpose and values. These are the dimensions you’re being judged on, take control by taking this assessment.

Thought Leadership for Leadership Topics

I’m keen to share the latest strategies for leaders to consider. Whether it’s my best-selling book, Climbing the Spiral Staircase, or articles for major publications, my goal is to use my writing to share what I know so it can serve people who lead people. 

You can always find my latest musings on my blog which covers a variety of leadership topics.