Climbing the Spiral Staircase

How You Can Navigate Your Career and Accelerate Success

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For too many professional women, it’s not just the glass ceiling that is holding them back, it’s the sticky floor. This may be your experience. You’ve advanced to a specific level in your career, but now you’ve found yourself in a professional environment that seems to offer little room for advancement.

In Climbing the Spiral Staircase, author Leanne Meyer shares specific, actionable strategies that will help you build the career you aspire to achieve. Her book will help you gain control of your career by giving you strategies for getting unstuck from corporate career-pathing quagmires. Once you have the tools to start moving again, you’ll find the passion and ambition that got you this far in the first place.

 “My evidence-based strategies will eliminate pressure and offer practical tips to help you succeed. You will be able to better understand your surroundings and what you need to advance through challenging professional environments,” Leanne encourages. “We can work together to identify sticking points and address any obstacles that are preventing forward progress.”

As you move through the pages, harsh facts about the different workplace experiences of men and women come to light. A frank discussion about workplace biases and the kind of environments those biases create for women helps readers realize that the real picture is much more complex and nuanced than conventional ideas about the glass ceiling.

Illuminated even more by other innate intersections of career advocacy for women, the conversations in Climbing the Spiral Staircase aren’t abstract or academic. Leanne’s work reflects real stories and real lives. In the end, she takes the long view of success, positioning careers as marathons rather than sprints, while preparing women for the rigors and demands of each different career stage.

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