Nourish Networks

A new foodie subscription service to help leaders connect and thrive.

Feed Your Soul and Grow Your Network

Developed from the expertise of Leanne Meyer and Beth Marcello, we’re pleased to introduce you to Nourish: a subscription box for women leaders that makes nurturing your network easy, leadership lessons accessible and community building a habit.

Your Recipe for Practical Leadership

Each Nourish box is beautifully grounded in leadership insights and includes everything you need to expand your networks by hosting a fun, successful, meaningful get-together with a circle of friends or new contacts.

What's in the box?

Leadership Lessons

Nourish boxes provide access to exclusive leadership development content that plants the seeds for an evening of insightful dialogue. You’ll receive a facilitation guide and agenda, including thought-provoking conversation starters and research-based leadership lessons to focus on. Also included are invitations and nametags or placecards, everything you need to host a small gathering with purpose.

Curated Food and Drink

The “foodies" in Leanne and Beth are the inspiration for Nourish. So in addition to the box drop’s leadership theme, each box will contain delicious ingredients for curated bites and beverages meant to make the event not just easy-to-host, but memorable and meaningful.  Also included is a singular gift for yourself and each of your guests as a memento of your event. We’ll focus on women-owned purveyors so that through your subscription you’re also supporting a woman-owned business.

An ‘Always On’ Online Community

Nourish is food for women who crave connection and professional development, but lack a community of relevant peers or a fulfilling workplace network.
Bonus, your subscription includes membership in the community of Nourish subscribers to further expand your network and influence.

Who is Nourish for?

We created Nourish for women who have a common interest in food and fun, and a desire to support each other’s success. It’s for women in the early years of their careers who want (and need) to expand their professional network. For mid-career women searching for co-conspirators as they climb the spiral staircase. And it’s also for women launching an encore career whose professional network is retiring and dispersing.

Step into the Founders Circle

Are you passionate about finding platforms to push women’s leadership forward? We’re looking for early adopters like you to join us in learning about Nourish, and sharing your feedback, so we can build something amazing together.

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