Women’s Leadership Development Initiative

How are you supporting the women in your organization and how might you build a pipeline of women leaders?

Bring the Fortune 100 executive coaching and leadership development expertise from Leanne Meyer to your organization at scale. According to 2022 data from McKinsey, there are challenges in the pipeline of women leaders across the U.S.  Your organization can reverse these trends by offering the 8-month Women’s Leadership Development. The curriculum is based on Leanne’s work leading the Women’s Leadership Academy at Carnegie Mellon University and her ForbesBook, Climbing the Spiral Staircase, but also can be customized to adapt to your company’s strategic goals and industry.

Both fully in-person and hybrid options are available.

Benefits to the Organization

  • Increased Financial Performance: A McKinsey & Co study finds that organizations with boards in the top quartile of gender diversity outperform their peers by 28%
  • Attract and retain top female talent by creating an inclusive environment that supports and nurtures women’s leadership potential
  • Connect and build a support network that empowers women to lead
  • Build the talent pipeline of women in your organization
  • Educate allies
  • Widen the talent pipeline and access a diverse range of skills, expertise, and perspectives that may have otherwise been overlooked.
  • Improved Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Recognize and combat gender bias

Benefits to the Participant

  • Evidenced-based leadership strategies
  • Tactics to build skillsets
  • Establish and grow a network of influence
  • Peer mentorship and camaraderie, connection, and support at work
  • Claim and sustain ambition
  • Access to mentors, sponsors, and role models
  • Recognize and combat gender bias

The Women’s Leadership Development Program is Designed for large organizations and includes 8 workshop sessions, pre and post-session takeaway materials, and optional office hours and presentations for allies and organizational sponsors.

Now booking cohorts for 2024.