Online Executive Coaching

Helping You Become the Leader That Makes a Lasting Impact

Leanne Meyer

  • Fortune 100 Executive Coach
  • Director of Leadership Academy at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business
  • Best-selling author

What makes leaders successful?

Leanne Meyer’s executive coaching program focuses on answering this question with participants, based on decades of coaching Fortune 100 leaders and research-based skills uncovered in academia.  

Leanne’s coaching is designed for highly ambitious leadership-oriented individuals who lead teams and have a stake in the process and systems within their organization. 

The highest achieving leaders are continuous learners and understand that taking ownership of their career is a participation sport.  

All coaching techniques are based in research and are designed to be immediately applicable to you.

Executive Coaching Will Help You:

  • Understand how you are seen within the context of your organization and team
  • Learn evidenced-based strategies to boost your strategic focus 
  • Steer your teams and organization toward greater success
  • Become more effective at building consensus and networks of influence within an organization 
  • Focus on the needs of your team and ways to empower them
  • Define and strengthen your leadership brand
  • Increase confidence and authenticity 

How does online executive coaching work?

Coaching clients can leverage the convenience of remote connection to gain access to top tier coaching. Leanne’s 6-month program begins with listening. An introductory session to uncover your motivations, challenges, and career objectives that bring you to coaching is a critical first step. Online executive coaching then involves regular 1:1 Zoom calls with Leanne, along with evidenced-based ‘homework’ materials provided, seeking feedback from colleagues, and defining concrete steps to put into practice. 

Leanne takes on a limited amount of coaching clients.  

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About Leanne

With more than thirty years of senior-level consulting and executive development experience with global Fortune 100 companies, Leanne’s mission is to help leaders reenergize their lives and their work with passion and purpose, using evidence-based methods to change business practices around the world. Her work focuses on equipping leaders to develop impactful new skills, successfully navigate critical career inflection points, and create alignment between their professional identities and their goals and aspirations.

Leanne directs the Carnegie Mellon Executive Leadership Academy and is the former executive director of the university’s Accelerate Leadership Center at the Tepper School of Business. She is the author of the bestselling Climbing the Spiral Staircase, a critical guide empowering women with the tools they need to accelerate their careers and gain control of their professional paths.

Leanne’s Coaching Clients Work At: